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Shapetime 脆皮希臘乳酪棒 (混合裝) Shapetime Greek Yoghurt Bars (Mixed Flavour)

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Shapetime 脆皮希臘乳酪棒(6 x 38g)


  • 含豐富蛋白質   
  • 適合運動前或後進食 
  • 蘊含有益乳酸菌   


Shapetime Greek Yoghurt Bar (6 x 38g)

Shapetime™ Greek Yoghurt Bar is made from the richest milk in the Baltic region, covered with dark chocolate from Belgium, with 3 flavours to pick from (Vanilla, Mango & Strawberry), try it straight from the freezer or leave it in room temperature for 10 mins for a creamy texture.

  • Rich in protein
  • Suitable for pre or post-workout
  • Contains yoghurt bacteria


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