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Ekselence 拿鐵迷你雪糕批 Mini Latte Stick

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Ekselence 拿鐵迷你雪糕批 

拿鐵迷你雪糕批100%北歐製造, 比利時朱古力脆皮內藏香濃咖啡醬和雪糕,口感絲滑,恍如品嚐一杯濃郁的拿鐵咖啡,別具獨特風味,而外脆內綿的雙重口感,必讓咖啡迷再三回味。


Ekselence Mini Latte Stick

The newly launched mini Latte ice cream is lusciously made with creamy Latte flavour replete with a double-layered crispy chocolate shells on the outside as the perfect sweet treat to coffee lovers. 


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